Your Constitution Is Under Attack Now!

Your Constitution Is Under Attack Now!
We find our beloved Constitution under attack by the very elected officials that took an oath to obey and protect this magnificent document. I believe that this is not only dereliction of duty but can be construed as treason.

I find it appalling that so many of the citizenry of the United States have such ignorance of our beloved Constitution and the Republic that is the blueprint for a rational government. Our founding fathers knew the shortfalls of the human psyche and created a Constitution and form of government with checks and balances to prevent the tyranny that we are racing towards today.

Our elected officials know better. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are written in very clear, precise and simple language and they know exactly what it means, and also know that they are not following the very oath of office that they swore to uphold. This includes the members of the Supreme Court that have been specifically selected to undermine the Constitution by obfuscation of its true intent.

The argument that times have changed does NOT alter the failings of human psychology that our founding fathers were aware of such as greed, privilege, domination and others. They carefully crafted a blueprint to best control these failings.

Unfortunately, most of our elected officials have been bought off by powerful entities such as banking elite influence, large corporations and other special interests. Virtually every bill that is introduced today has serious violations of our rights that are supposed to be protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our elected officials and appointees, have no excuse of their violations of oath of office and their ethical promise “to do no harm”.

This not an issue of Republican or Democrat, left versus right, conservative against liberal. Today the two parties are just the heads and tails of the same coin that seems to have the purpose to destroy our way of life and place us (the citizens) into slavery to the debt that delights the special interests of the few that want to control the world.

It is high time that we begin the process to weed out these traitors, impeach, and try for high crimes, dereliction of duty and violation of oath of office. These are just for starters. Many of them can be tried for other breaches of ethical behavior.

I do not have all the answers, but I know that there are millions of likeminded individuals that are sick and tired of being lied to by the controlled media, seeing their rights and liberties stolen from them by as the stupid party and the evil party create bills that are both stupid and evil…. and pass them!

One of the most grievous laws on the books is the oxymoron, “The Patriots Act”. This evil bill was passed under the guise of security.

Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as saying; “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

For clarification, the opposite of Liberty is slavery.

Any elected official that supported and/or voted for this monstrosity should be immediately impeached, and tried for their violation of oath of office. This should include those that are no longer in office. The excuse that security is more important than liberty, or they didn’t understand or read the bill doesn’t hack it. They knew what they were doing and ignorance is still no excuse.

Please do not think that all of our elected officials are corrupt. By reviewing their voting record, you can find who is working for the best interests of the individual. Remember, they work for “We the People of the United States of America”. We do not work for them!

This is too serious of a matter to try to correct by the slow process of trying to vote these scum out of office. Since the Constitution is under attack now, It’s time to begin the process of impeachment and trials TODAY.

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