democraps show their true colors

It’s less than two months to the midterm election. In a saner world, the Democrats would be presenting themselves as the safe alternative, the party of reasonableness and middle-class values. Instead they are the party of scoundrels and know-nothing ideologues who believe a loathing of Donald Trump is enough to gain the favor of voters. Cuomo had it half right, anyway: Today’s Democrats aren’t going to make America great.
They cant balance the budget they cant read bills are they true communist and socialist.
Vote for a democrat and be a democrap.
“Let’s say you were negotiating at a bargaining table with workers in a bakery, and the workers said, ‘Look, we want more than a quarter of the bread; we want half of the bread, or we want two-thirds of the bread,’ ” she said. “The socialist would say, ‘Actually, we want the bakery. We want to control it all, for all of our benefit.

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