Radiation in the Midwest

The US government knows that dangerous levels of radiation in the Midwest, California, Washington, Oregon and Western Canada were reported by the Norwegian Institute For Air Research. Radioactive milk was detected in Washington State. This means cows eating radioactive particles on grass are now producing radioactive milk in Washington. Radioactive rainwater was discovered with 18,000 times greater radiation than acceptable federal standards in San Francisco, Cal. Radioactive food is very dangerous as it has ready access by intestinal absorption to dispersion in the body of radioactive food particles. On March 29 nuclear reactors in North, South Carolina and Florida reported detecting small amounts of pure radioactive iodine that originated in Japan. The purity proves it was not produced by the local nuclear reactors.

Everyone in Japan will possibly die from radiation poisoning. The people of Hokkaido, the northern island, may be spared because of different currents and winds. Lauren Moret, well known authority on radiation and its dangers, has reported that the radiation levels being reported near the Fukushima reactors are the same as those being reported now in the U.S.A. (reliable radiation levels have been obtained for North America from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research). Does this mean that the US will experience the same fate as Japan with the wind currents.

The prevailing winds from Japan will carry radioactivity into all of North America, South America and directly to Europe. Radiation has already been detected in South America (Colombia). There is no plausible way to stop radiation from continuing to spew out of the reactors in Japan short of encasing the reactors in concrete (This can only be accomplished by complex excavation below the damaged reactor which requires a long time to complete). Since the Fukushima reactors can not be promptly encased eventually all countries and oceans will become badly contaminated by radiation. The death toll easily could go into millions perhaps even a billion persons. The current population of Japan is about 128,000,000. Multitudes of persons will die from starvation caused by infertile soil due to radiation damage and lack of fish. Since cancer is a common problem many cancer deaths will not be attributed to the radiation exposure from Fukushima.

To make matters much worse 5 soil samples near the Fukushima reactors all tested positive for plutonium. The means that the airborne radioactivity in the USA and Canada probably contains plutonium along with radioactive cesium 134, uranium and strontium 90. These 4 substances are infinitely more dangerous than radioactive iodine which can cause thyroid cancer in persons deficient in iodine (95%[1] of US citizens) because the half life of radioactive iodine is only 8 days while plutonium has a half life of 20,000 years. Plutonium is very carcinogenic because a single atom breathed into the lung is capable of initiating a cancer. All European nations reported an immediate sharp rise in cancer deaths the year the Chernobyl disaster occurred. At least 500,000 persons were believed to have died in Russia in the vicinity of Chernobyl. Cancer statistics will become distorted because it will become impossible to know what percentage of total cancer deaths are being caused by Fukushima radiation.

Hopefully the nations of the world will offer asylum to Japanese citizens who understand the magnitude of the problem and desire to leave (S. Korea, China, Philippine Islands and Russia offer easier access).

Acute deaths from radiation exposure occur when radioactive iodine, plutonium, cesium 134 and strontium 90 enter the intestines by ingestion and kill all the bacteria in the intestines. This makes it impossible to prevent deadly infections and facilitates appearance of malignancies. Seventy percent of the immune system depends on the quality of bacteria residing in the intestines. This type death can be avoided by timely administration of organic Vitamin B Complex (Supreme B) which prevents death of the intestinal flora. The correct dose is one half ounce twice daily. This therapy needs to be continued for 30 days to 42 days. The only effective organic B Complex presently available is Supreme B formulated by Healthpro.com.dm. This company is capable of increasing its production of Supreme B. When the Supreme B is not readily available it is prudent to daily supply the radiation injured patient with living bacteria from food(sauerkraut, unpasteurized goat yogurt, raw milk, kefir, kombucha) and potent probiotics{Primal Defense, Culturelle etc).

Supreme B[2] combined with silica as BioSil 6 drops twice daily and Magnesium Chloride 30 drops bid has healed 12 cases of Alzheimer’s Disease. The silica inhibits the absorption of aluminum from the gut and magnesium causes vasodilatation increasing blood flow to the brain.

Ninety five percent of U.S. citizens lack adequate stores of iodine in their bodies determined by testing more than 5000 patients. Unless a patient is taking iodine therapy when exposed to radiation this lack of iodine in the body needs to be repleted with high dosage of iodine. Individuals deficient in iodine rapidly absorb iodine into the endocrine glands and other tissues. Therefore, there is a need for 100 mg. of iodine every two or three days for two weeks to restore proper iodine levels. The repletion of iodine stores can prevent thyroid cancer but is of no value in preventing the malignancies caused by plutonium, cesium 134, uranium and strontium 90. Production of all hormones by the human body requires iodine.
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