Whitehouse Jobs Available

Getting in to the Whitehouse may be easier than you think. You may possess the qualifications to fill the positions.
Take the test here or go to Donors and Boners in the Whitehouse for jobs.

1. Do you like to send photos of yourself with a Bonner or pictures of having sex with a donkey on the internet to young females or males?
2. Do you lie when confronted?
3. Do you cry when your caught?
4. Do you resort to saying I need treatment as a defense?
5. Do you Have sex with little boys?
6. Do you Have sex with little girls.
7. Do you Like to have sex with the president and your a male?
8. Do you sing the song- Money Money Money by the Pound?
9. Do you Agree with mafia style tactics–Send a hit man out when someone needs silenced?
9. You Think one world government is the answer to prayer?
10. Do you believe you should start a sentence with, ” Let me make this perfectly clear” and then don’t make any sense.
11. Do you have the attitude, who cares who comes across the Borders as long as they don’t know where you live?
12. Do you believe the people are easy to lead like sheep.
13. Do you believe Blowing up a country is not considered war it is a misunderstanding.
14. Do you think The justice system is perfect and can’t be wrong unless it comes for you?
15. Do you think kickbacks and bribes are considered favors and not illegal?
If you answered any question with a yes you are qualified to be a leader in the US Whitehouse Congratulations.

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