Who is Obama

 The definition of Barack Obama fulfills Islamic prophecy builds alter to Satan to fulfill destiny.
There’s a caliphate, that it is a desire of the Islamic extremists in the Middle East, that is not a conspiracy theory, They want a caliphate.

The world is “being divvied up” by the “uber left” and the “Islamicists,” and that what was formerly “Ancient Babylon” could emerge as the new seat of “evil” and center of the new caliphate.


“Islam wants a caliphate. Communists want a Communist, new world order. They’ll work together, and they’ll destabilize, because they both want chaos, period.”


1. Groups from the hardcore socialist and Communist left and extreme Islam will work together because they are both a common enemy of Israel and the Jew. 2. Groups from the hardcore socialist and Communist left and extreme Islam will work together because they are the common enemy of capitalism and the western way of life.

3. Groups from the hardcore socialist and Communist left and extreme Islam will work to overturn relatively stable countries, because, in the status quo, they are both ostracized from power.”

 Obama and the federal government leading the US into destruction now caught by a member of society who wants to show the traitors to the constitution in the US Government to the people. The Underhanded tactics of those who claim to be for the constitution. When in reality they are traitors to the Constitution, the American people and to anyone who stands in their way. Let the truth be known let the world see the hidden untold stories and the hidden government. The progressing of one world government by all involved. The truth to the take over of socialism in the US and the push to a one world government is more apparent than ever. The US government has set itself up as a separate entity from the American people. With lies and deception of the few who control the US government any exposure of truth can be considered a hostile attack on the government of the US. The American people can no longer see visions of the fruits of their labor. No longer is the land of the free and the home of the brave a motto. The US has become the land of the tax payers and home of the contained. The great nation of the US has become the target through the administrations of presidents who are placed in the position by power and great wealth with one mind which is to destroy a constitution and declare a new land with new laws. Land of oppression home of the slaves. Banks and government, large corporations hand in hand working to take all resources freedoms and wealth.
We stand at a crossroads in this country down one road is our freedoms, to choose, to live, to thrive, to try, to own, to have. Down this road is out right to pursue happiness, to pursue that which makes us happy. Down the other road, a place where a government tells you what you have to buy, can or can not buy, if you can or can not go to college for what you want. There we stand even though we have begun down one road we can still turn and go down the other road once again for the freedoms that we have cherished and have fought for over the centuries. We have the right to go out into the world and pursue our dreams and succeed or fail we do not have to have it given to us by our government.

Uncle Rob wants to rob you.

I want all the power. All the people will be slaves, all pensions will be gone, all children will be brain washed, all the money will be stolen, my armies are slaves with no free will, the officers of law secret service, federal marshals, jads, police officers, judges all supreme court, federal all local courts are my slaves I have made them traitors to the constitution, soon I will have all the power you all will beg for mercy. There will be no religions you will beg for your lives you people are so gullible my csd destroys the family, and the court system for their little jobs. I will destroy your livelihoods with the fcc, epa, fbi and homeland security, the pentagon. IT IS MURDER and REVOLUTION The President assassination program of American citizens without due process on accusations of terrorism is nothing but murder and genocide of a dictator. A true terrorist himself needs to be brought to justice. Treason of the constitution deserves a military trial for treason. When will our generals wake up and stop this Obamanation of our constitution. Those who allow treason are traitors to the constitution. Get your radiation detectors now. With the suitcase nuclear bombs that are now out you will need your radiation detectors to be able to come out after the fallout. Be sure to check food and water, without one you might as well be in the blast. Our borders are not secure for a reason. The people are being backstabbed by the federal government to collapse the economy and bring on marshal law. All government pensions that are offered to teachers unions, fbi, police and firemen government pensions will not be honored. The collapse of the dollar, Medicare robbed, social security robbed, marshal law means revolution. Traitors committing treason.

It is not the Bilderbergers (and by way of extension the CFR and the Trilateralists) we need to worry about, but rather the “Democrat socialist group run by Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Ann Feinstein, and the others controlled by Bilderbergers
(and by way of extension the CFR and the Trilateralists).”

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