AT&T Cell Service RIPOFFS

Recently we were made aware of the abuse of at&t cell phone service the list of complaints is long.
First their cell service does not work at Clark college so students can’t get important phone calls.
The customer service is not accommodating in anyway they always have an excuse and it is not in your favor.
If you move your service before the contract ends you get billed 105. service fees on top of the monthly charge plus an early termination fee even though you paid for the contract. This is to discourage moving to another provider. I moved my service 20 days before the end of the contract and was billed over 500.00 in charges from at&t even though I had paid the contract to the end in advance. My suggestion is find a better carrier who is willing to work with you which I did Verizon the customer care is excellent and the coverage is 100 times better in buildings and elevators which my at&t was not. I was told I could not have the unlock codes to my htc phones even though I paid for them this is a ripoff carrier of the century. I was told I could avert all this if I signed a new contract with them which I responded I would rather have a tin can with a string on it than ever use there service again. So buyers Beware AT&T is a absolute ripoff you will be sorry you ever did business with them. I know I am.
Here is a list of others who have had problems with AT&T The following constitutes fair use to educate the public this is a non profit website to post on the website we provided a link to the websites where information can be found and you may post complaint.

AT&T Wireless found here
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