The Liberators

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Notice of Lien Fraud presentations to Douglas County Commissioners, Oregon 

We are a grass roots group of plain folk who love our Creator, our Freedom, Our Country and Our Constitution!

We believe that neither the People nor the Citizens should accept anything less than HONESTY in government.


Our Mission

We are on a mission in Oregon to hold our local public servants accountable to their OATH OF OFFICE. Our goal is to get the people and the citizens in every county and city across America to Educate themselves, then follow our lead on this critical issue of violation of our inalienable right to hold our Private Property and decide what we as Individuals want to do with it.

As “The People” we have an obligation to hold our SERVANTS accountable.  We have an obligation to our children and grandchildren to stop our governments from stealing our property,  and our wealth. We ALL have a responsibility to educate ourselves, stand up, and say: “WE’RE NOT TAKING THIS ABUSE ANYMORE!”

What We Did

We educated ourselves! We studied the Constitution for the United States of America: the critically important Preamble thereto, Article 6 (the Supremacy Clause) and required Oaths of Office; Amendments I, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XIII, XIV, and XVI thereof and the appropriate sections of the Constitution of Oregon, relevant as afore stated. We determined our Liability by studying Supreme Court Rulings, the Internal Revenue Manual, the United States Codes and it’s Titles and Acts, the Statutes at Large, Regulations and Implementing Statutes, the Federal Register and how it all applies, the Eisenhower Report, plus much more. We are now putting it to work by confronting our county officials and holding them responsible for protecting our 4th amendment right to be secure in our Persons, Papers, Property and Effects and to STOP VOLUNTEERING US INTO FEDERAL JURISDICTION THROUGH IMPLEMENTATION OF SMART GROWTH, THE WILDLANDS PROJECT, COMPREHENSIVE PLANNING OF THE UNITED NATIONS AND ITS ORGINIZATIONS, known as AGENDA 21, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

We are exerting the power of the Posterity of the People of this REPUBLIC; the CREATORS of this government! Please get started in your county today. We can show you how!

What We Have For You

This site was designed for those persons who lay claim to being of the Posterity of the People of the Preamble to the Federal Constitution! We can assist you in educating yourselves about your rights, responsibilities and obligations, AND how to defend those rights, which are based on your Political Status. We offer various materials, and videos on many issues including links. It’s up to us to take back our freedom; the correct political pecking order is: (1)God, (2)The People, (3) Government, (4) citizens. Do you know which one you are? Get educated – KNOWLEDGE IS POWER…

Our Solution to Fund the Federal Government:

THE SOLUTION to abolishing the IRS and take back the Federal Reserve – fund all four levels of government with the interest collected on loans to private sector borrowers, thereby eliminating the boom and bust economic cycles that have been plaguing our country for the past 70 years, by Federalizing the privately owned central bank currently known as the Federal Reserve – go to:

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