How to Lawfully Stop Marshal Law

At the top of the page I made mention of the book, The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite. If you haven?t downloaded it, here is the link again, The problem most ?People? have is that they are kept in ignorance of what law is. They system is designed to flood you with so many laws that you spend all your time trying to find remedies that don?t exist within the law. Law is simply a bait and switch game, in truth there is no law. Huh? All law resides within a fictional world. This fictional world is made up of Countries and has all kinds of world leaders and important ?People?. What I learned from doing the research for the Extortion System of the Ruling Elite is that it comes down to one very basic principle, that is put before everyone, but because of it?s simplicity very few grasp what it means. The world is ruled by darkness while earth is ruled by light. The problem is you were not told this and have been tricked, hornswoggled, cheated, deceived, lied too, betrayed, misled and on and on. Yes of course it was intentional, but they showed you the truth and you took the lie.

All law through out the world is Roman Civil Law or some variation of it. Roman Civil Law has but on principle, Ceaser?s will has force and effect. To put it bluntly all law is based on a form of dictatorship. Why this is will be clear shortly. Thus the Romans made use of real and more importantly imaginary ships, which we call corporations today. Every Country in the world is a Corporation. In terms of Admiralty Law, ships have to be at sea, thus a Country is not only a Corporation but an imaginary Sea, upon where the all capital letter names float on. Now there is piracy on the high seas and the pirates would be the Attorneys. They have a license to practice law and if you look up the legal definition of a license it becomes very clear that they are licensed to rob, pillage and steel from you, but you are not. The world is a private society upon which you had to beg to become a citizen within, thus a slave. Everyone within the world has a position of status. Everyone in the world is a slave, because everyone in the world is a fictional entity. The Slave Masters have the highest status and are worshiped as Kings and Queens etc. Of course the people that control everything hide in the shadows, quietly directing their actors to perform and oppress the masses.

In Rome Ceaser was worshiped as God. Now what they have done is created Countries as lesser God?s and having you worship these ?Gods? by sacrificing your labor too them, through taxation. In fact it is only through the benevolence of the these ?lesser Gods? that you are allowed to keep any earnings at all. All money is created through your signature through private banks owned by the Ruling Elite. They charge interest on the money you create in the form of personal income tax. All money is debt money with interest, so it can never be paid back, thus you are enslaved by the monetary system with no hope of being free of the debt. Because you are on private land owned by the God, you must register property that the God wants you to register. Register means to sign title of the property over to the Government or entity you are registering with. We do this with our Children at birth, so why not a house eh?

So how do we get out of this mess lawfully and why are they doing this? The answer to both of these questions is very simple. It comes down to recognizing God as your Creator. This is not negotiable, either you do or they destroy you. They destroy you out of your ignorance of knowing who you are and who your creator is. What you see around you is a mirror reflection of the infinite love. It can mimic ignorance of that or the truth of it being infinite love. It is a perspective thing. When you recognize that you are both the droplet and the ocean of the infinite consciousness, you realize that you are both you and everything else that exists, including God. God too, because God was present in the image when he created you after our image. Your Body is an image projected in your mind?s eye from thought fields that are all around you in this mirror illusionary reality we call the Universe. When you see everyone else and everything as being you, you have to love thy neighbor as thy self. The Universe becomes very parasitic when we don?t, which leads to our destruction and keeps ignorance in check as it were.

Knowing who you are is vital for if you don?t believe this simple concept you won?t act on it and thus remain in ignorance and grasp at the fictional world around you. The fictional world was created to test you. You do not have a name, you are not a Muslim, Christian, Fireman, Police Man etc., you are simply a man or woman created by God on the earth. This is highly important, because God gave you total freedom from oppression. In fact God gave you the gift to rule over all the earth and over every living thing upon the earth. This comes from Genesis 1:26-28 in the King James Bible.

Anyone who changes their status to being some kind of actor from the Government, they must bow too you as you have dominion over every living thing according to God. All they can say in truth is that they are a man or woman created by God. If they say that, than you will notice in the same passage that God created man and woman equal to each other, thus we are all equal and no one can claim any authority over anyone else. This is why they try to trick you so hard into signing something, making you into a fiction. They need your consent to go along with their play acting. This is also why many laws are held within statutes or Acts. Statutes are require your consent to be applied too you. Hence Martial Law is the same way, they need your consent to act upon you. They have no power over you unless you give them permission as such. They are worshiping lesser God?s in their acting and have forgotten completely about their creator. Yet all their Oaths are sworn to God. The use of God is very particular in that it means only God in Genesis Chapter 1. The God?s mentioned in Genesis Chapter 2 and forward are lesser or rather imaginary God?s and are denoted by adjatives before God. For example LORD God or The One True God, these are not God. Another is Allah. Allah is not God. Allah is defined on the second line of the Qu?ran in the first book as the LORD of the Worlds. LORD of the Worlds is not God. God is God. Thus everything within the Qu?ran is about the imaginary, it doesn?t talk about the creator at all. It follows LORD God in many ways.

The difference between God and LORD God etc. is that God gave you dominion over all the earth and over every living thing upon the earth. Dominion means to rule. Thus no law applies too you because you have absolute rule. This means that there must be agreement among all those involved in doing things that what is going on within their realm as it were is okay with them. Thus it also means that the earth herself is to be protected and replenished, as God says to do in Genesis Chapter 1 or we won?t have an earth to live on. They destruction of the earth through warfare and dumping of chemicals etc. is horrific and is being done simply because the powers that be don?t follow the creator?s will and are using us to advance their goal of mass genocide, simply because we don?t know who we are and we are buying into their fictional world.

Martial Law can only happen and affect you if you agree too it. You have the power by God to refuse to be brought under the control of Martial Law. Anyone who imposes martial law onto you without your permission is subject to by force of law any punishment you wish to put upon that individual. Their only out is to resign their position in the Government and simply be a man or woman created by God and thus being equal too you. This doesn?t mean that their actions can go without justice, God gave you the right to rule and until you say what the conditions are for their release, nothing else matters.

This is much easier said than done, but it is the truth. It is our only way out of this mess. In terms of economics and money, that is easily fixed as well. It is done through sharing of the wealth with all on the earth, because each individual contributes to the same goals of corporatism. Profit does not belong to the imaginary it belongs to the living equally because we all share in creating the environment necessary for technological and economical growth. Eventually technology will make it so we don?t have to work or very few of us will have too and only in the sense of bettering ourselves and wanting to learn more. Right now there is a strangle hold on the wealth creation processes and the flow of money is misdirected into the hands of the few rather than the many. It is about infinite love and being equal to each other, not about communism or some odd socialist ideals; It is much greater than that.

So when you look at the Constitution and it states, ?We the People…? ask yourself this, how is People defined and why doesn?t it say We the men and women created by God all upon the earth equal in our dominion…

People is defined as being a Human Being. Not a man or woman created by God on the earth. By legal definition a Human Being is not defined, but referenced under monster, that has no rights nor the ability to inherit any land. It is a slave. The third word in the Constitution of the USA can easily be replaced by the word. ?Slave? by direct definition. Fictions have no bodies nor do they have a mind or sentience. They are slaves to whomever wishes to think about them. They only exist on paper and Attorneys proudly push them in front of you trying to make you believe some how that a name on a piece of paper has authority over you. It is a fraud. When the fraud is exposed these rats run for cover, they want nothing to do with you. They are terrified that the truth will be realized and that their game will be over. Over in that they have to be equal to all rather than enslaving all.

Canada and other Countries are set up in the same way. In fact you will not find one Country being defined anywhere as being on the earth. Another key to understand for freedom. Countries reside within the world not on the earth. The world or worlds are imaginary containers we put things into and play make believe. The QUEEN is a corporation, it exist only as word on paper. It has no authority over the living men and women created by God on the earth. Yet in the world the private lady, Elizabeth Windsor owns 1/6th of the world at a tune of 17 trillion dollars. This is only one aspect of her wealth. She is getting this money through bank loans and income tax you pay every year. She along with the Rothchilds are the out ward expression of the shadow world that exists. Money is a means of control. They want to reduce the world population by 80% which is out right genocide, but they can only accomplish this by your help and co-operation in buying into their illusion that they have to hold power over you. They are doing what they are doing because you are following darkness and not the light. Knowing who you are and recognizing that you are equal to everyone through your dominion. It is nothing more simpler than this, yet the many miss it completely. Lucifer is not fair. Imagine if the Bible stretched out Genesis Chapter 1 and explained things in more detail too you. No one would follow LORD God or rather Lucifer in his bid to control you. Many don?t even know that there are two creations talked about in the Bible, one by God and the other an imaginary one created by LORD God.

I am sorry if this turned into a church sermon for you, but God never said you had to go to church to be with him. You are God as much as a man and woman. In the Beginning there was God, thus God only had himself to create from. There was nothing else available to God to create with, so everything that exists is God. Thus we are God and equal too God. The reality we find ourselves in is a Mirror of the infinite an illusion, but still connected too God. Thus God is both the droplet and the ocean as we are. The Universe is created upon truth and in truth there is no illusion. All must remain in balance or be destroyed. Fiction creates imbalance and truth creates balance. Thus truth heals. There are no illusions or fiction within truth. Truth leads to infinite love.

I hope this helps and please do read my book. I am working on a new book that goes into all this in more detail and offers some lawful and simple solutions to what faces us. It is going take the many to become aware of who they are and the courage to stand for the truth and act on the truth. The few are playing a game of Genocide and destruction of our planet. Please share this with as many other men and women you can.

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