The democrates are in an active coup against President Trump

President Trump is anti one world government he does want take the constitution away or the bill of rights away from we the people. The democrats party is always trying to take away the rights of the people thru health care and gun rights and the first amendment. They wish to dictate to we the people by trying to bankrupt the United States of America. They never balance the budget.They don”t read a bill before voting on it (Obama care is an example). When politicians lye and judges lye it is considered treason on there oath of office traitors to the constitution.
The judges is not the court refer to court cases where judges and politicians lying in past history. We need law and order in America. When the patriot act was voted in it was unlawful against the constitution all politicians that voted it in should be executed for treason. We need politicians who uphold the law for we the people or we don’t have country at all.Trumps administration and military tribunals will bring back law and order for we the we the people (America)which stands for freedom. When you vote and you are an illegal citizen you should executed. Trump needs to sign an executive order and politicians who allow it are traitors. The illegal immigrants that commit crimes and the politicians that let them get away with the the crimes are accessories to the crime. All politicians that allow this to happen should be kicked out of the country for life. Sanctuary cities is illegal sanctuary states politicians and judges have to be accountable. All wealth should be taken and they should be shipped out of the country for life and never return.

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