Impeach all of congress

The republicans and the democrats are stalling a stimulus for the american people that are in desperate need of help. Here is a working way to get help. Cut all the pay of democrates and republicans and lower them to unemployment see how they like it and would they ask for help.
Senate Republicans are having trouble coming to grips with the new coronavirus relief bill outlined by their own party leaders Monday afternoon.

Many want to see changes, still more think the price tag is far too high and all of it is pointing to a major, uphill slog as the party attempts to craft a possible compromise with Democrats — this as millions of Americans lose crucial benefits in the face of inaction in Washington.

“It’s a mess. I can’t figure out what this bill’s about. …This is not going to be the bill. They’re going to go negotiate with (House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi. We have no idea what the final bill will be, and we’ll be the last to know,” said Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo.

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., said that while there is agreement about helping people with unemployment, it’s the level of help where they disagree.

“At the moment we seem to have unity in disagreement. That’s the bad news,” he said. “The good news is — how can I put this — where, for the most part, we’re gnawing on the same bone. We’re just gnawing on different ends of the bone, but at least it’s the same bone.”
Impeach all republicans and democrats and start over with a government of the people for the people not over the people


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